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FAQ - selling

How can I sell my products on Freshpreneur?

Visit and scroll down to the site footer. Click on the "Seller login/registration" link.

How much does it cost to sell my products on Freshpreneur?

Creating an account and listing your products is free on Freshpreneur. You will only be charged if and when your product sales. You will be responsible for a flat fee of 10% of product sale price (excluding applicable shipping rates and taxes). Applicable payment processing fees are charged additionally (usually 3-4%). You can refer to "Section 2" of the Seller's Agreement for details (see site footer).

How do I list a product?

Login to From the header tab select "Products". On the Product Page click the "Create Product" button in the upper right-hand corner. Fill in the appropriate product information. YOU MUST INCLUDE your refund/return policy in the product description or your product will not be approved (i.e. We will refund any returned item within the first 30 days of purchase and reimburse your shipping costs. Any returns after 30 days will receive in-store credit of equal value.).

How do I communicate with a shopper?

When you sell a product on Freshpreneur you will receive an email from us with the shopper's contact information. We will keep the shopper informed on major milestones concerning their purchase but if you need to reach out to them refer to the above-mentioned email.

How/when do I get paid?

Freshpreneur holds funds for 30 days before remitting them to the seller. All outstanding payments of 30 days or more will be made once monthly on the fifth (5). If the fifth (5) falls on a weekend or holiday then payment will be made on the first proceeding business day. You can refer to "Section 2" of the Seller's Agreement for more details (see site footer). Also you can refer to your Marketplace Admin Dashboard to review your Payment History.

How does fulfillment work?

You will be notified by Freshpreneur when you sell a product and will be provided the necessary shipping information. The Seller is responsible for accurately fulfilling the order in a timely manner (less than 30 days from order placement).

Who pays for shipping?

The customer will pay for any applicable shipping costs when they place an order. The Seller will determine the shipping price when they list a product on Freshpreneur. There are no requirements for setting shipping rates. The Seller may choose to charge a flat rate per item or establish the rates per geography or include the shipping rates in the sale price or not charge shipping at all. NOTE: In addition to selling your products you are selling your brand so use accurate rates for shipping. Customers will reward honesty.

How do refunds or returns work?

The Seller is responsible for all returns and refunds and should work directly with the customer to handle this. YOU MUST INCLUDE your return and refund policies in your product description of each product listed on our site. Please refer to our "Returns, Refunds and Exchanges" policy for details by clicking the "Returns" link in this site's footer.

What products are allowed on Freshpreneur?

Freshpreneur marketplace is for crowdfunded goods only. The Seller can list any product that 1) they own the rights to AND 2) they have successfully crowdfunded AND 3) is not deemed prohibited by Freshpreneur (pornographic/sexually explicit material; drugs, tobacco, nicotine, and any related items; weapons; offensive material--excessively crude language, hate language, violence). Please refer to "Section 1" of the Seller's Agreement (see site footer).

How do I add tracking information to an order?

Login to Go to the admin area, and then click the "Recent Orders" tab. Once there, click on the order you want to update. Once you've clicked the order, all you need to do is enter the tracking info, and who it's by under "Optional tracking number" and "via".

Is my Freshpreneur account the same as my Marketadmin account?

No. If you want to sell product(s) on Freshpreneur you need to create an Seller account via marketadmin. Click on the "Seller login/registration" link in this site's footer to do this. If you make purchases on Freshpreneur and want to have a faster checkout experience you should create a separate account (shopper account) by using the "Create an Account" link in the upper right-hand corner of this site's header.