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Add variants to your product listing

1. Select the "SELLER LOGIN" link in the main menu banner 
Main menu


2. Enter your credentials and click "Login"

Seller login


3. Click the "Products" tab and then the "EDIT" button for the product you want to edit

4. Scroll down to the "Variants" section and enable multiple variants with the "Yes" radial button

5. Select an option from the "Option Name" drop-down menu

6. Create your "Option Values" by typing them in the field and clicking "Create"

7. You can add a second variant from the list or create a custom one (if applicable)

If you create a custom variant an additional field will appear for you to give it a name

 8. Once you have created the product variants a table of all combinations will appear below

All variants will be created except for the ones you discard by selecting the "X" on the right

  9. If you want to add variant-specific pricing (rather than same pricing for all variants) click the blue "Add Pricing" link

10. Click the "Save" button at the bottom

You can always edit this product later. 


 11. View your product with variants in the store!


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