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How to receive marketplace approval

Hey there! Thanks for using our marketplace. It looks like you may need to change something before you can fully participate in our marketplace. Let us walk you through the checklist so that you can quickly amend your account and sell your product(s)!

We personally review each account and listed product to ensure the quality of our niche crowdfunding marketplace.

For new merchant accounts

  • Make sure to include the crowdfunding campagin URL of the product you will be selling. We actually use this to verify that 1) the product was crowdfunded and 2) it was successfully funded. For multiple campagin links separate them with a comma.

For new products

  • Product must have been successfully crowdfunded (funding received in part or full) via a third-party crowdfunding platform and must be a non-prohibited product (see Section 1 - Eligibility).
  • Product description must include your return policy and contact information. You will determine what that policy is and include it in the product description with your best contact information. For an example refer to step 5 of this guide.
  • If you have similar products use the Variants feature by enabling multiple options. You can create up to 100 variants standard or custom. This keeps our marketplace clean (one listing with several variants/options rather than one listing per variant) and it helps customers easily locate your product. For step-by-step instructions on how to use variants see our variants guide.