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How to Sell on Freshpreneur

1. Navigate to the "SELLER LOGIN" link in the main menu banner 
Seller login
2. Click the "Register" link
Register for account 
3. Fill out the form and then click "Register"
Note that the "Display Name" is your company name and will be visible on all products you sell in our store. You will not be able to change this name or your email once you register (watch for typos).
Create account
4. After you register you will receive a confirmation email similar to the one below
Confirmation email
5. We will review your profile and get back with you in 1-2 work days
Currently we manually approve merchants to assure that only crowdfunded products are sold in our market
6. When approved you will receive an email similar to the one below 
Approval email
That's it! Log in and get started!

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