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Listing Products on Freshpreneur

1. Select the "SELLER LOGIN" link in the main menu banner 
Main menu


2. Enter your credentials and click "Login"

Seller login


3. Click the "Products" tab and then the "Create Product" button 

List product


4. Select a category
You can only select one (1) category so choose the one that best represents your product. If you feel that there is no representative category, suggest one to us via

Select category


5. Add a product title, description and photos
Note: you must include your refund/return policy in the product description or your product will not be approved. Here is an example:
We will refund any returned item within the first 30 days of purchase and reimburse your shipping costs. Any returns after 30 days will receive in-store credit of equal or lesser value. For refunds and returns please contact us by email

Product description


6. Add applicable variants and pricing information



7. Add weight, shipping and inventory
Currently we only offer shipping within the US. You may choose to charge a flat rate per item or establish the rates per geography or include the shipping rates in the sale price or not charge shipping at all. Make sure to check the "Manage Inventory" checkbox and provide the amount available.



8. Tags and exclusivity
Your product is already tagged with its category and your company name but you can add others here to help customers find it when they use our site's search.



9. Click the "Save" button at the bottom
You can always edit this product later. 



10. When approved you will receive an email similar to the one below
Currently we manually approve products to assure that only crowdfunded products are sold in our market
Product approval
You're product is ready for sale!

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