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Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

Please review the Third-Party Seller shipping, refunds and exchanges policies which can be found on each product page. Note that there may be different policies for each product you purchase.

If shipment of your product is taking longer than expected please first check that your shipping address is correct in your confirmation email. Next verify the estimated ship dates if available. You should also try to contact the Seller. If a resolution still is not reached and it has been more than 30 days since time of purchase you should report the Seller to us. You can do this by emailing us at and using "Report Seller" in the subject line of the email. However, it is always best to work things out with the Seller first.

You are responsible for all transactions, shipping, refunds, cancellations, communications and the like for orders of your product on our Site.

You are therefore expected to clearly articulate your policies on your product pages including 1) how you would handle any issues or problems with a transaction and 2) your contact information.

Our legal responsibility
Freshpreneur, LLC (“Freshpreneur”) is not responsible for the shipping of products nor for the return, refund, or exchange of any product. This responsibility solely rests upon the Third-Party Seller(s) of the purchased product(s). Each product sold on our Site may have a different refund policy including but not limited to refund amounts, eligibility of refund, time elapsed limitations and product condition allowances. It is your responsibility to understand the specific return, refund, and exchange policies of each product purchased on our Site.

In an attempt to disclose these policies many products include a return, refund, and exchange policy in their description as received by the seller. Freshpreneur is not responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions, or misinterpretations of stated policies nor for any inconvenience, damage or harm incurred by you from them.

Please do not send any purchase(s) to Freshpreneur. All returns and related communications should be directed to the Third-Party Seller.