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Capture the Flag REDUX -- an Outdoor Adventure Game for Birthday Parties, Team Building & Fun

Capture the Flag REDUX

  • $250.00

Capture the Flag REDUX is an group game that uses LED lights to transform "Capture the Flag" into an after-dark adventure. Play it in your backyard, at the park, camping or anywhere with space to run safely in low light conditions. 

Your mission: Steal the Orb from your enemies.

Your challenge: Sneak past the red war lights, capture your enemy's Orb and get it back to your territory.

BUT whatever you do: Don't get caught!

So get your friends, family, or youth group together -- and play Capture the Flag at night. An adventure awaits you! 

Key Features
• LED lights enable hours of playing Capture the Flag play at night
• Perfect for 4 to 16 individuals 
• Develops teamwork and camaraderie
• Promotes physical exercise, strategy and endurance for teenagers and adults alike
• Futuristic and fun nighttime excitement
• Includes 12 new game types such as The Traitor, Ghoul, Werewolves vs. Hunters and many more

Great for Groups:
• Scouts & outdoor enthusiasts
• Youth groups and gatherings
• After school programs
• Summer camps, sports camps & church camps
• Birthday parties, family parties & neighborhood parties
• College activity or orientation groups
• Leadership development teams

Game Kit Includes
• 2 Glowing Orbs (a glowing, multi-colored variation on the traditional "flag")
• 8 Jail Markers (to light up jail boundaries)
• 7 Territory Lights (for marking where is safe and where you can get caught)
• 16 LED Glow Bracelets (eight blue & eight green for each team)
• 12 Game Variation Cards 
• 1 Guidebook (in English and Spanish) 

Setting up Capture the Flag REDUX takes just a few minutes and you are ready for hours of fun anywhere you choose. 

Warning: You may discover that you are more out of shape than you thought.


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