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Memories: Relived - Remember the Time

Remember the Time

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What is Remember the Time you ask? Simply put, it's a new concept for stationery cards, with the purpose of connecting us on a deeper level. It's specific and to the point. 

Remember the Time aims to bring back the emotional feelings of memories that we cherish and have built over time, with the incredible people in our lives. With hand written notes becoming an old fashioned concept, receiving one has a deeper meaning in today's society. The passion behind Remember the Time is to once again connect us on a deeper level.

Remember the Time card is very specific. Its focus is to trigger a memory that you shared with another individual in the past. The memory has a signifiant meaning to you, bringing a smile to your face. Odds are good that by utilizing the card to re-share that specific moment and letting that person know that they're on your mind, it will also ignite a smile on their face. Remember the Time was designed with the mentality of helping us to not only rekindle old friendships, but to build on current ones as well.


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